Intuitively Wild is Taking You on an Incredible Journey in 2020! - Are You Ready?!

Join Sapha and Johnna on a private beach in Mexico for 5 days of intuitive healing, yoga, meditation, adventure and so much more!

Just Envision yourself immersed in the luxury of a small private beach in the Mexican jungle, dipping your toes in the warm sand and losing yourself in the calm, rhythmic sounds of the ocean.


On July 1-6th, 2020, join the Intuitively Wild gals on this amazing 5 day yoga retreat in Mexico!


For 5 days, allow the healing energy of this incredible beach surrounded by the jungle to soothe your soul and invigorate your spirit. 


We will spend our days guiding you deeper into your inner knowing, intuition and power . Together, we will embody techniques to heal old core wounds, replenish your energy and transform the manner in which you show up for yourself. Each day, we will flow through meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and intuitive healing techniques to give you the recharge you deserve. 


This trip will be further balanced by plenty of adventures including but not limited to deep sea fishing, snorkeling, paddle-boarding and more! *Note: Activities and excursions not included in price*

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AND if you sign up before January 1st you will receive  a special discount when you use the code HOLIDAY at checkout ;-) 

Now, doesn't this sound OMazing?!