The Sound of Your Hunger

Moving past the guilt and embracing the peace of awareness in your body

Have you ever stopped to truly listen to your body in moments of hunger or thirst?

Can you describe what thirst and hunger feel like in your body?

Have you ever paused to notice exactly where in your body you notice these sensations or how they make you feel as they become more alive in your body?

These may seem like strange, foreign or even unnecessary questions to us at first. But the truth is, that these are crucial questions for us to ask in our journey to self-healing and nourishment. Because, after all, how many times have we been so disconnected from it all that we have downed a whole bag of chips in record time, only to notice we are still hungry a few minutes later?

Or how many times have we ignored our hunger and/or thirst so badly that by the time we notice we have been disconnected from these cues, we are either ravenous and 'hangry' or so parched that we could drink a whole river in a second?

Truth is, if we are willing to be brutally honest with ourselves, we will realize that we have become so adept at disconnecting from our bodies, minds and souls, that we have even learned how to disengage from or even ignore the most natural and necessary cues our bodies can offer us.

Yep, I think it is safe to say we have all been there on more than one occasion, and the truth is, that it isn't a bad thing. It certainly doesn't make us 'bad' people. It just means we have gotten desensitized to our own intuition and awareness over the years. And the good news is that this is entirely fixable.

As a whole, us humans have learned to ignore our bodies and focus solely on those external factors we think we think we can 'control' more readily. Those factors we deem manageable enough to box up and label in ways that we can substantiate in a seemingly more ease-full manner.

The trouble with this, is that in the process, we have also learned how to seek comfort (or rather the pretense of comfort) at all costs, which means, anytime we feel discomfort, we cover it up, run away from it or ignore it all together. And this, leads us down the road of further disconnect, which leads us even further away from our true instincts and intuitions. And in the realm of nourishment, this disconnect often leads us to ma-nourishment, food obsession, mindless eating and bingeing.

Each of these mindless actions leads to further disconnect and discontent with our bodies and our food, and it leaves us feeling inadequate, confused, frustrated and distressed.

So, how do we start the healing processes here?

How do we drop into the present moment and allow our awareness to allow us to know ourselves and our bodies so deeply, that we can know exactly what our hunger and thirst feel like? How do we start listening to our bodies in an intuitive and natural manner once again?

Well, the first step is pausing for long enough that we can truly be present with ourselves in each moment. It requires that we breathe slowly and steadily so that we may drop into our bodies and start observing exactly where in our bodies we can feel the hunger or thirst.

We then need to ask what these cues feel like (is it a sharp pain in our stomachs? or a gentle gurgle? is it a dry mouth? or is it a creaking jaw?) in our bodies and even at which levels these cues become too intense for us? (It helps to put it on a scale from one to so hungry you could eat a horse)

Asking these questions, noticing our body's responses and really continuously checking in with ourselves in this manner is the first step to truly knowing what the sound of hunger and thirst feel like in our bodies, and the first step in learning to listen to our internal cues.

This is a first and crucial step in changing the manner in which we relate to food and to self.

Is it a step you can take today? If so, how does this make you feel?

If you have any questions about this process or if you want to learn more about this, please feel free to reach out to me at - I am here to help you thrive ;-)

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