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Each unique program in our health and wellness repertoire is uniquely tailored to you. Here is a brief look at how the individual sessions work: 

1- PRIMARY CONSULTATION: This consultation is the longest session, ranging from 75 to 90 minutes during which I can get to know you better. Prior to our meeting, I will e-mail you a welcome package with all relevant information and forms. These must be e-mailed to me at least 24 to 48 hours prior to our actual 1-1 is meant to take place.

2- ASSESSMENT & PLANNING: After our first meeting is complete, I will take time to assess your current diet, lifestyle, and goals, and will put together a plan to help you shift your old patterns, re-learn how to best nourish yourself and achieve your present goals. Each plan is a co-creation between us, but the path and responsibility are yours to undertake. If you wish to make changes, you must be patient and apply the techniques we create together during our sessions (or in the plan you may chose to sign up for). I provide the tools and the way, you must walk the path.

3- FIRST POST ASSESSMENT SESSION: Once I have completed the road-map (usually 3-5 days after our primary consultation), we will meet for a 50 minute session in which I will suggest the top 4 changes you can start making in your day-to-day in order to start you on your journey to healing. We will start small so as to allow your body and mind to slowly become aware of old patterns and then begin the work of shifting things with out making you feel deprived, stressed out, let down or overwhelmed with information or techniques. At this point, I will suggest a number of sessions during which we can meet in order to further your journey and cement the knowledge you will be gaining so that your health, wellness and lifestyle changes are long-lasting and so you may feel supported along the way. (60-50minute sessions, over Skype, Phone or Teleconferences).

4- FOLLOW UP SESSIONS: Depending on our unique needs and package, we will meet every 2 to 3 weeks to look at your progress, clear up any questions you may have, discuss any new developments or stories that may have come up along the way, and create the following steps on your journey to health and wellness. Each session may lead to new techniques, refinement of previous tools or refinement of current plan depending on where you are on your journey. You are always accountable to your goals and commitments, but you will have my support along the way if you need to re-asses. (60-50minute sessions, over Skype, Phone calls or Teleconferences).

5- FINAL SESSION: When your program is coming to completion, we will take a look at your progress, talk about all the changes you have experienced and how they have changed your perspectives and stories, and you will be able to follow this new journey on your own. HOWEVER, If you’d like to keep in touch, whether for accountability, or to help you answer any new questions you may encounter or even if old (or even new) dis-connected patterns to food and wellness arise for you, we can always schedule an "impromptu" 20-30 minute call to check in and help you find center again. 

At some point, we have to stop relating to ourselves and the things that are meant to nourish us as tools for self-deprivation and start understanding that a balanced life can be filled with wonderment, fruitful nourishment and joyful self-love. This is the time to make a change. NOW is the time and place to transform your old stories around food, health and wellness and undertake a transformative journey down a truly nourishing path.

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