My purpose is to provide women with health and wellness techniques that will allow them to shift their perspective around their unique power so they may create a life that is filled with health, joy, purpose and peace. - Sapha


I am a healer, dreamer, seeker of adventure, old soul and a creative spirit all rolled into one lovely little package :-). And the truth is, I haven't always been a health nut or even a yoga and meditation type-person. No, really. Most of my young adult life consisted of movie and TV watching, couch surfing, day-dreaming and yo-yo dieting. But slowly and beautifully, the Universe has shown me that there is a way to heal, live, thrive and break free from old stories, and this has slowly brought me into a place of peace, flow, contentment and self-love that now informs my every step.  - And yes, I am also a little bit of a poet/hippie/nerd haha.

No; but on a more vulnerable note; I want you to know more about me:

Having spent years believing the lie that I was not good enough, not thin enough and all around not deserving enough; I fell into the arms of an eating disorder. This distortion masquerading as truth, took from me years of health and happiness. I was, as so many find themselves even now, wrapped in a cloak of shame, deceit and self-rejection that prevented me from understanding just how important food truly was to my overall well-being and how my relationship to food and health in general was suffering from an all too common societal plague. Now, I would love to say that I overcame this deception and disconnect by the time I left college or got married. But the truth is that the understanding of how truly unique, important and worthy I am came about for me fairly recently. Within the last decade in fact, when I first gave some credence and weight to my yoga practice. And, it’s not as if this was a magic pill or as though the second I stepped on my mat, all deceptions of self-had vanished; but a change began to form with in me in small measures as I began to breathe and slowly allowed myself to become present once more. It was in this stillness that the seedling of healing and understanding began to take root with in me. And it was through these moments of intense surrender and vulnerability, that I was gifted with the chance to change deeply, once and for all.

From then on, my journey as a ‘love yourself warrior’ took root with in me and has led me to this path as a healer, a teacher and a guide for all those who, like me, have lost their connection with themselves, the manner in which they relate to the world at large and terceptions they hold towards food and wellness as a whole.
This transformation first led me to become a yoga and meditation teacher - something I have enjoyed doing for over nine years - and in more recent years, has led me to seek a deeper understanding of food and the manner in which we nourish our bodies, minds and souls.

Welcome to the present

Which was how I arrived at Hawthorn University and why I wish to devote my time to helping women shift their perspectives and re-learn to relate to food, health and wellness in a more healing/all-encompassing manner.

I know that many of us have lost our connection to self and that the overwhelming amount of information regarding our worth and even the types and quantities of food we put into our bodies as a whole, play heavily into our perceived self-worth. And I know too, that these aspects of our lives have become severely muddled and ungrounded over the years; and I wish to serve you by breaking that spell, dispelling the confusion and providing you with the tools you will need to thrive, enjoy life and nourish your body, mind and soul in a unique manner.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to any of us and my goal is to serve each of you uniquely and individually, so that we may find your path back to health and joy. This isn’t a journey that only those who have gone into the deepest shade of eating disorders can or should undertake (In fact, I think that is an all too common misconception of our times). It is a journey the vast majority of us are in need of as years of misinformation and fad diets have left us completely unable to truly understand how to lead better, healthier lives and this is why I decided to excel in this field; so that I may be of service to women in need of  balance and connection and so that each of your lives may go beyond a simple number on a scale or the latest fad diet, and they may become a clear pathway to freedom, joy and health. Together, we can walk down the nourishing path.

Sapha Arias is the sole proprietor of Nourishing Paths. She graduated with honors from Hawthorn University and is a certified nutrition consultant as well as a seasoned yoga and meditation teacher. She is constantly looking to expand her knowledge of healing practices and seeks to help people find health and wellness in an organic manner.

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