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1:1 Consultations

1:1 Consultations

Empowering you with tools to change your relationship to self, so you can fully step into your power, heal old wounds and enjoy a healthy, vibrant life. Together, we can find the best way for you to heal, thrive and live a joy-filled life.

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Nourishing Paths Online Yoga Studio

Let's face it, sometimes life makes it hard for us to get to our local yoga studios to practice. 

But now, you can join Sapha on your mat from virtually anywhere, at any time!            

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Intuitive Boundaries 28-Day Program

Boundary-setting is a truly powerful practice that moves us deep into our core-values, increases intimacy, and gifts us the ability to honor ourselves more deeply. - Are you ready to become an empoweredboundary-setter?

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I help women change their relationship with self and the world around them so they can better step into their power, acknowledge their worth, embrace their uniqueness and change their lives.Together, we can help you blossom into your true self and power so you can thrive!


"Today, speak to yourself with power and affirm:

"I am more than enough at all times, I am incredible just as I am in this moment. I am worthy of all love and light and I am always ready to step into my own power and remember that

I AM""


Sapha Arias

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